ProSportInternational was created in 2008 to  provide professional sporting assistance in all areas of sporting administration, strategic planning, funding grant management and  marketing and sponsorship for clubs, associations and community groups.

    Managing Director Andre Teuwsen has over thirty-five (35) years of experience in the sporting industry with a background in sports administration, strategic and operational planning, marketing and sponsorship and grant management built up through his involvement in the sporting and recreation industry. Andre has developed an intimate knowledge of the sporting industry over this long period and now brings his experience and skills to help and develop sporting and community  organisations seeking assistance in the many different facets of the sporting industry.

    Clubs and Associations are welcome to contact Andre on 0408 735 691 (07) 31485274 or by email [email protected] for a no obligation meeting to discuss options available for the development and growth of individual clubs and associations.

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