Sunshine Coast Knights Lacrosse Club Inc

    Sunshine Coast Knights Lacrosse Club Inc

    A fantastic outcome for the Sunshine Coast Knights Lacrosse Club Inc who were involved in the presentation of the ‘Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc Secondary School Mod Cross Program.’

    This program was designed and developed by ProSportInternational to support the growth and development of the modified sport of lacrosse within the school system and to create greater awareness of the opportunities available to the students by joining their local lacrosse club.

    A program of this size requires careful planning as there are many challenges to overcome to delivering the final on ground program.  ProSportInternational linked with Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc to support the organisation in achieving this outcome.

    ProSportInternational created the framework for the program, sourced and secured the funding for the program, established the contacts within the schools to deliver the program and then worked with the state organisation and the local club on the sourcing of volunteers to coordinate the on-field delivery.  ProSportInternational were an important link in the process of delivering this program which has enabled even more young people actively engaged in a new and exciting healthy, fun sporting activity.

    Outcomes achieved through this program included creating new and ongoing relationships with various participating schools, raising the profile of the sport within the Sunshine Coast region, upskilling of club volunteers in presenting participation programs, creating a pathway from school to club for interested students, an increase in membership numbers for the club and the establishment of a sustainable, ongoing program that will continue to deliver positive outcomes for the sport across Queensland.

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